The primary goal of Friends of Ray Iwazumi (FORI for short) is to contribute to classical music  audience  development with violinist Dr. Ray Iwazumi as a focal point of our activities.  By initiating and supporting recitals and lectures given by Ray Iwazumi and his fellow artists, FORI will help cultivate and expand the community of classical music lovers.

Activities Planned:

By working closely with other individuals, groups and organizations interested in classical music, FORI will help Ray Iwazumi and his fellow musicians hold recitals and/or perform as guest artist(s), both in small concerts held at individual’s homes and at major recitals held at large concert halls.  In the future, however, FORI may pursue fund raising and seek donations & gifts from individuals and organizations so that some of the essential expenses of concerts/recitals can be defrayed


FORI, both in Japan and in New York, will be initially an unincorporated organization, i.e., a voluntary organization.  At some point in the future, however, we may choose to incorporate, if it is deemed desirable and feasible.  FORI’s New York Chapter, if and when incorporated, will have its Board of Directors and officers such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditors.  It may create various committees to plan and carry out specific activities.

The New York Chapter is expected to collaborate closely with its sister organization in Japan.

Membership and Fees:

FORI will consist of its members.  Membership will be obtained by application, followed by approval by FORI.   Benefits of the membership will include free subscription to newsletters in which future concerts, lectures and other events will be announced , discounts for recitals, and invitations to special events such as home concerts/lectures.

There will be neither application fees nor annual dues for members.  In the future, however, when FORI can open its financial account, FORI may choose to charge a nominal annual membership fee to cover basic administrative expenses such as website maintenance and newsletter design. All existing members will be notified of such policy change, and FORI shall honor each member’s decision to retain or cancel membership.


The creation of FORI will be officially announced at the Iwazumi & Eguchi recital of January 8th, 2017 in Tokyo, entitled “Kreisler’s Liebesfreud und Liebesleid.”  In that announcement a list of “Hokkinin (a group of individuals who propose and/or endorse the idea of launching this organization)” will be posted.

On the Japanese side, the following individuals constitute the Hokkinin (as of December 11, 2016):

  1. Katsushiro Fujita, Violist of Rosen Quartet, Former director of Amateur Performance Association
  2. Koichi Fujino, Conductor, Composer & Arranger
  3. Shuku Iwasaki, Pianist, Professor of Graduate School of Toho Gakuen University of Music
  4. Haruo Kawahara, Advisor, JVC Kenwood Co, Ltd.
  5. Hisashi Kobayashi, Dean of Engineering Emeritus and the Sherman Fairchild University Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
  6. Andreas Preuss, President, Preuss Fine Violin Co. Ltd.
  7. Asuka Sezaki, Violinist
  8. Shigeru Takagi, Advisor and Former President, Mitsubishi Real Estate Co. Ltd.
  9. Toshiki Usui, Pianist and Director General, Yokohama Symphonietta, Inc.

In the  New York Chapter of Friends of Ray Iwazumi the following seven individuals serve as the Hokkinin, but its members will be expanded by additional few people.

  1. George Drapeau, Construction Industry Council
  2. Geoffrey Hoefer, President of Omomuki Foundation
  3. Hisashi Kobayashi, Dean of Engineering Emeritus, the Sherman Fairchild University Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
  4. Masako Osako, Managing Director of Operations, Friends of UTokyo, Inc.
  5. Yukiko Sekino, Pianist, New England Conservatory
  6. John & Amy Vaida, Co-founders of Northeastern Pennsylvania Chamber Music Society